Time to change track?

There is a high demand for skilled engine drivers and switch conductors. Work as an engine driver or switch conductor for RushRail is interesting and varied.

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RushRail delivers green and flexible transport solutions

RushRail AB offers inter-modal traffic and environmentally friendly timber transport by rail. Each year we transport around 70 000 TEUs and 3 million tonnes of timber between different terminals and industries in Sweden.

RushRail provides safe and environmentally friendly transport services for RushRail Intermodal AB. View the map

Our comprehensive service has a well-proven and efficient engine driver staffing system that is one of the cornerstones of our reliable logistics.

RushRail acquires RC Locomotives


RushRail AB in conjunction with Beacon Rail Leasing have acquired 12 RC3 locomotives from SJ AB; the RC3’s were built by ASEA in the early 1970’s. RushRail now have 24 locomotives in operation.

Swedish roads to be relieved of another 15 trucks per day


Watch a report by Swedish National Television (in Swedish) on how RushRail AB together with Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB are about to save Västerdalsbanan between Äppelbo and Malung.

Two important steps toward a better environment


The rail company RushRail continuously works to help the environment. During the spring of 2013 we have taken several important steps to reduce our environmental impact.